Funny “Judgmental” Tuxedo Cat Poster

Funny Tuxedo Cat Poster
Funny Tuxedo Cat Poster by Fuzzyball on Zazzle.
Make custom prints online at

Food critic? Fashion police? Political analyst? What is this tuxedo cat thinking?

Poster Paper (Semi-Gloss) Shown in the 11 by 14-inch size.
Print it, mount it, laminate it, post it. For a great wall decorating solution, choose our poster paper from Zazzle. Great for printing large-format posters, this bright semi-gloss paper makes brilliant, colorful images look crisp and smooth without a putting a dent in your pocket.

Here’s a link to a mug featuring three photos of this tuxedo cat.



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2 Responses to Funny “Judgmental” Tuxedo Cat Poster

  1. shoutabyss says:

    Wow. Did you take that picture? Hilarious! That’s why I love cats. Almost looks a little puggish. 🙂

    At least cats know how to dress for success.

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