Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterfly on White Swamp Milkweed Postcard postcard

The beauty and wonder of  Monarch butterflies inspired me to begin designing greeting cards. We take these gorgeous and amazing flying flowers for granted, yet we shouldn’t. Their habitat is shrinking and their population has really dropped in recent years.

The magnificent Monarch butterfly is the only butterfly that migrates north and south every year. In North America, Monarch butterflies east of the Rocky Mountains migrate south to Mexico starting in August until the first frost. In the spring, the Monarch butterflies head north.  Several generations are needed to make the round-trip journey.

According to Monarch Watch, huge migrations may be a thing of the past. Monarch butterflies are losing their habitat, both in Mexico where the trees where they winter are cut down and in the north where the milkweed plants they depend on to feed their caterpillars and wild nectar flowers to feed adults are plowed over and destroyed. To learn more, including how to create a Monarch Butterfly Waystation, go to Monarch Watch. Monarch Watch was formed twenty years ago to promote education about and conservation and research of Monarch butterflies.

Artists at Greeting Card Universe have celebrated the beauty of this gorgeous butterfly in greeting cards. Click on the thumbnails to get a larger view.

I’ve written about Monarch Butterfly conservation and education at Monarch Watch and have included many photographs, which you can see by clicking on Monarch Watch Open House and Butterfly Tagging Event.

Here are other blog posts from GCU artists featuring butterflies.

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Monarch Butterflies
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5 Responses to Monarch Butterflies

  1. Tracie says:

    It was sad to hear about Monarch butterflies losing their habitats. Thank you for this informative article.

  2. Pingback: Lightning Round: BUTTERFLIES « GCU Community

  3. Betsy says:

    I love Monarchs. I hope everyone builds a spot for them to visit so we don’t lose them.

  4. Very informative, also sad to read. Amazing a butterfly could fly the far.
    Love your choice of cards, very lovely. Great job!
    Janet Lee

  5. Peggy says:

    So sad to hear that even Butterflies are affected by the changing world around us! Thanks for the blog post and the lovely images.

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