Greetings from a Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat With Mismatched Eyes card

Click on this photograph to shop for this card from Zazzle.  To shop for this card and other cards featuring Turkish Angora Cats from Greeting Card Universe, click on Turkish Angora Greeting Cards. Prints are also available from Zazzle.

Cat and Kitten Magnets. Featuring many kinds of cats, including Turkish Angora and Turkish Van.

Paddington is the name of this Turkish Angora cat.  He loves to talk and is very curious.  He especially likes to look you in the eye.   His brother, Bones, is a little shy.  He has two amber eyes and is deaf, another common trait to the breed.  Bones is a sweet cat, who likes to sit upright with his tail wrapped around his feet like an ancient Egyptian statue.   Bones loves water, too, and will step into a full sink.  This breed of cat has a fascinating history which you can read about in this Turkish Angora Cat article from The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. To see more photo cards of Turkish Angora cats go to It’s a Beautiful World!

To see details on these cards at Greeting Card Universe, click on the thumbnails below. Choose among different verses, such as “I love your quirks” and “You’re beautiful to me,” as well as blank cards. You can change or delete any verse.

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