Golden Doodle Greeting Cards and More

Golden Doodle Puppy card
Golden Doodle Puppy by catherinesherman on Zazzle.

A friend brought home a beautiful Golden Doodle puppy.  Her family has gone completely nuts over her.  I’m smitten, too.  She’s already a supermodel, as you can see.

To check out the purchase details on individual cards, click on each thumbnail below. These cards are available on Greeting Card Universe, the world’s largest paper greeting card store. You can change the text and upload your own photograph to the inside of the card at no additional charge.

You’ll be more easily forgiven for a forgotten birthday, if you send this puppy as your emissary in “Sorry I missed your birthday.”

Here are two cute ways to celebrate a birthday!

Every child would love a Golden Doodle birthday card. Here are cards for children celebrating birthdays ages one through eight.

Who doesn’t love this face? “Missing you…”

Send some snail mail with a Golden Doodle U.S. Postage Stamp, but don’t waste it on mailing a bill.  When your toddler child or grandchild asks for a puppy, say yes and give him or her a Golden Doodle T-shirt. Golden doodle stickers, mugs, posters, t-shirts, pins, postcards, magnets, keychains and more can be yours by clicking here.

To learn more about Golden Doodles click here. This hydrid of Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles also has other names, including my favorite — Golden Poo.

Missing You Golden Doodle Greeting Card card
Missing You Golden Doodle Greeting Card by catherinesherman on Zazzle.

Golden Doodle Puppy Mug mug
Golden Doodle Puppy Mug by catherinesherman on Zazzle.

Missing You Golden Doodle Postcard postcard
Missing You Golden Doodle Postcard by catherinesherman on Zazzle.




CATTLE DOG — The first card is for those times when you’re “behind” when remembering a birthday.


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