Father Goose

A male Canada goose herds his flock to safety across a bust street.
A male Canada goose herds his family to safety across a busy street.

Canada geese rule the roads in my town.  My husband and I were driving near a suburban Kansas City park when we saw this goose family parading across the street on its way to a pond.  I had my camera, as always, so I hopped out, avoiding the traffic myself, to get these photos. When I got too close to the goose (shown in the upper right photo on the card), he or she started advancing on me, honking and opening its mouth.  They do attack!   I snapped a few more shots and rushed back to the car.

I had to laugh at the male goose as he jerked his head back and forth, so stern as he herded the goslings to safety. I thought of human fathers looking out for their kids.   This cute family scene inspired me to design this card, which you can find at my Greeting Card Universe (GCU) store, “It’s a Beautiful World!”  To see my Father’s Day card at GCU click on  Father’s Day Father Goose card. I also have other Father’s Day cards.  Also available is a Father Goose “Happy Birthday, Dad”.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Check out my GCU store, listed in my blogroll. 
To find out more about Canada geese click on Canada Goose.

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One Response to Father Goose

  1. alwaysjan says:

    “Make Way for Ducklings” was one of the stories my students read this year. In that story, Mr. Mallard was off flying around while Mrs. Mallard did all the work. Nice to see that Dad is bringing up the rear in your photo, but maybe that’s the difference between geese and ducks!

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